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    Laughlin AFB, TX Local Information

    Del Rio, Texas, is the closest major city to Laughlin AFB. Del Rio has about 36,000 people, and is in Val Verde County, which has a population of about 49,000 people. Other nearby small communities include Val Verde Park (about 2,000), Cienegas Terrace (about 3,000), and Brackettville (about 2,000, roughly half an hour away).

    It is about 8 miles from downtown Del Rio to Laughlin; this takes about 15 minutes to commute. The average commute in Val Verde County is about 18 minutes.

    Major local employers include Laughlin, the Val Verde Correctional Facility, and the Border Patrol.

    Local Housing Rental Prices: The average apartment rent in the Del Rio area averages $550 per month.

    Local Housing Purchase Prices: The average price for a house in Del Rio is about $83,000, compared to $125,000 for Texas. The average price for a house in Val Verde County is about $85,000.

    Short Description of the Area: Del Rio is a small city in southwest Texas, on the US-Mexico border. The area is a border region with Mexico, alternating between humid and arid, somewhat isolated from the rest of Texas, and its own local color. The soil is somewhat sandy, and the terrain can be rough, but the area can be very attractive, and has attracted vacationers and filmmakers since the 1950s. This is a majority Hispanic area, with about 80% of the resident population Hispanic.

    Climate and Weather: The area has an alternating humid and dry climate, leading to shifting weather. Winter temperatures range from the low 60s to high 40s and summer temperatures from the mid-90s to mid-70s. The area has shifting weather, depending on the humidity level, but is sheltered from Gulf hurricanes and only rarely experiences tornadoes; flash floods can be a problem. Summers hot and can be humid, with more rainfall than winter. Winters are generally mild and dry. The area is also subject to morning fog.